Artist Statement

A little something about Ben Marder

Creativity has many shapes and sizes and most of us enjoy it in our own unique way. Without it, I think the world would cease to exist and yet we sideline the importance of it in our society. May we just be in some process of creating and have the perseverance to acknowledge its worth.

I remember drawing giant orca whales on butcher block paper as a five year old boy. The most important lesson I have learned in my life, is how to enter into a healthy creative process. This is not something I learned from school. In fact my experience with school depleted this. The artistic process finds meaning in relating to oneself and ones deeper aspirations. I inherited this understanding from the people that I care about. Most of the time we run away from creating because of the fear of failure, but if we are compelled to create, we have to move closer towards those fears and perhaps acknowledge the randomness at which humans deem success.

As well as sharing my visual art with you, I am also happy to introduce “Other Works” which represents a more eclectic pursuit of my interests and energy. Much of the time I find myself working on things which do not fit into the typical scheme of the arts. I am excited by these projects and realize they are meant to be shared. I hope you subscribe to the mailing list. All it entails is that you will receive an email from me, not very often, only when I publish content on this side of my site.